Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monster High

Wow! Can you believe it? Two posts in the same week!? I guess that's what 3 snow days in a row will get ya! Here's last weekend's order:
Monster High

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Here we go again!

Going all the way back to October and Harper's Spooky Tea Party, here are cakes from October to January. I don't know why it takes me 4 months to find 10 extra minutes to update my pics, maybe it's the 3 jobs, or the basketball and wrestling games and practices, or the dance classes or the holidays or what. Anyway, life is good and here is what I have to show for the past 4 months of my crazy life:

Harper's Spooky Tea Party cake

Happy 4th birthday to my funky little witch!

Yummy eyeball cakebites

R2-D2 for one of my favorite 6 year olds

Groovy Peace Sign cake

A yummy peppermint cake all wrapped up for Hannah's Christmas cocktail birthday party!

Brady's Halloween birthday cake

Flutterby Butterflies

Ladybug smash cake

Ladybug 1st birthday cake